Paul Elliman (1961, UK) is a London based artist. Known for his work with a found typography of objects and industrial debris in which no letter-form is repeated, he also follows the human voice through many of its social and technological guises, often imitating other languages and sounds of the city.

Untitled (September magazine) takes the form of a 600 page glossy magazine, completely absent of any editorial text, and comprised instead only of cropped and juxtaposed images collected by Elliman over many years. The publication conveys in itself a kind of text spelled out in body shapes, signs and gestures. “In photographed fragments, the body seems both to correspond to the shapes of letters and to assume writing’s inanimate agency. Or maybe another spirit altogether is communicated by the perverse range of images, a secret map of the inner territory of language conducted by the body." (PE, 2013)

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