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In this exhibition Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press reflects on a period of suspended animation and future uncertainty PERIOD The central concern of her practice is the exploration of language and communication COMMA here she focuses on its breakdown PERIOD Banner has returned to a type of figurative painting COMMA a tradition she rejected some years ago COMMA turning instead to verbal language as a way of making pictures PERIOD Here she presents a series of interventions in to found genre paintings SEMI COLON seascapes PERIOD In these works COMMA she has painted out the original subject COMMA mighty seafaring vessels COMMA battleships and destroyers COMMA replacing them instead with black COMMA full stops PERIOD PARAGRAPH Although Banner usually uses words in her work COMMA she has returned to this abstract form of language intermittently over the years COMMA so that full stop works literally punctuate her studio practice PERIOD To begin with these anti texts were a way of exploring a crisis in her own language COMMA here they are deployed to investigate a wider crisis of language and communication PERIOD Banner says COLON OPEN SPEECH MARKS The full stop represents a symbol of language without content COMMA a kind of hollowing out of language COMMA language on the precipice COMMA a crisis where fonts COMMA letters and words cease to function as vessels of meaning CLOSE SPEECH MARKS PERIOD PARAGRAPH Accompanying the paintings is an industrial shipAPOSTROPHEs fender PERIOD Maritime fenders are used to absorb the huge kinetic energy of a ship berthing against land or another vessel PERIOD They are used by both military and commercial ships as buffers to prevent contact and damage PERIOD Like the typographical full stop COMMA the fender demarcates and creates an in between space PERIOD Here the fender COMMA titled Falcon 59400 pt poses as a full stop from the font of the same name PERIOD PARAGRAPH A scroll of marine rubber stands in as an overblown gallery wall text and also as a colophon COMMA scrambling a book copyright text to make an absurd ode to intellectual freight PERIOD It is also a one off publication registered under the title of Tongue and is typeset in the artistAPOSTROPHEs own font PERIOD PARAGRAPH Banner has previously referenced the limitations of language through a series of full stop inflatable sculptures PERIOD In an ongoing performance the black abstract forms have floated high above the skylines of coastal towns and cities COMMA from Athens to Bexhill COMMA with the sea as a backdrop PERIOD Both these performances and the full stop paintings contemplate the sea as a contentious space COMMA a conduit but also a divider PERIOD PARAGRAPH The work for this exhibition was made over the last three years COMMA a time of polarised rhetoric during which the term post truth has become common vernacular PERIOD To coincide with the exhibition the artist has published a new book titled P E R I O D COMMA riffing on the American vernacular for the full stop HYPHEN a title that links the gendering of objects and mediums COMMA and language with the idea of cycles of time COMMA the body COMMA and specific historical periods PERIOD The book features in the exhibition in an audio book version COMMA read by the artist COMMA creating a repetitive nonsensical narrative PERIOD PARAGRAPH This book is the most recent work Banner has published under The Vanity Press COMMA the imprint she established in 1997 which deploys a playful COMMA iconoclastic approach to publishing PERIOD PARAGRAPH LIST OF WORKS PERIOD Some paintings about no thing PERIOD Some attempted paintings about the pause that is painting PERIOD Some paintings about wanting to be in another place and then realising that place is not there COMMA like a landscape is not there COMMA words are not there PERIOD Some paintings about the wetness of the eye vs the wetness of the sea PERIOD Some paintings about the gulf PERIOD Some paintings that are oil PERIOD Some paintings that know their limitations PERIOD Some paintings that understand that turning a page is reminiscent of a wave that a chapter is the tide COMMA twice a day PERIOD Some paintings that are a channel HYPHEN all paintings are a channel PERIOD Some paintings that understand that the channel is not only a conduit but also a barrier PERIOD Some paintings with voids COMMA with bits missing COMMA that are dead and may be by association alive PERIOD A shipAPOSTROPHEs fender that is a full stop that is a divider that is an absorber of forces COMMA that is a buffer that keeps it off shore PERIOD Scroll EXCLAMATION Oh Ode Oh Treaty of omission EXCLAMATION